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4 Simple Ways to Make Fruity Cocktail Recipes

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Cocktails are commonly alcoholic beverages. However, you can always neutralize their alcoholic characteristic. This through fruity cocktail recipes! Fruits mean a lot to cocktails. As a matter of fact, one way to create healthy and cooling cocktails is to have fruits as ingredients.
Here are the 4 simple ways to make fruity cocktail recipes.

Fruity cocktail recipes

fruit cocktailsGarnishes, Cherries, berries, and citrus fruits are but 3 of the most common fruits that are used to garnish cocktails. While you may think that a garnish only adds visual appeal to a cocktail, a fruit garnish provides more than that. They do not only please the eyes, they also provide more of the fruitful flavor for fruity cocktail recipes. This is especially when the fruit is dropped in the drink or when it is to be eaten after a shot.

Infused Spirits for Fruity Cocktail Recipes

fruity cocktailsSpirits such as rum and vodka can easily be infused with fruit flavors. These infused spirits are better than plain ones when it comes to mixing fruity cocktail recipes. For instance, you can get more of the fruity taste from your cocktail when you substitute lemon vodka to plain vodka when making a mojito. Infusing flavors to rum and vodka is easy. All you need to do is slice the fruit whose flavor you want your liquor to get infused with. Then, add it on the liquor and wait for a month for the spirit to get flavored.

Fruit Purees for Fruity Cocktail Recipes

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Purees enrich the fruity taste and consistency of fruity cocktail recipes. Adding puree to a cocktail goes beyond giving the drink a fruity taste. It also allows the alcoholic characteristics of the other cocktail ingredients to be neutralized while their kick is preserved. To make a puree, simply skin the fruit of choice, remove its seeds and blend it. Add refined sugar to taste.

Fruity cocktail recipes with Fresh Fruit Juice

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We can’t skip fresh fruit juice on the list. A lot of fruity cocktail recipes such as the Screwdriver and the Cuban Rose owe their tangy flavor to fresh fruit juice. There are some who lean on powdered fruit flavors but fresh fruits are irreplaceable. You can use a good juicer to help you squeeze out fruit juice to add to your cocktail.

Adding fruits to cocktails allows you to formulate drinks that are not only refreshing. Fruits in whichever way they are used in cocktails add that festive appeal to the drink. Further the fruity goodness of your fruity cocktail recipes by choosing fresh fruits over preserved ones. They are not only healthy they do their purpose better too.

simple fruity cocktail recipes

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